Eyes ahead….

In mindfulness practice, we are reminded or encouraged to stay in this moment; however, on a bike, one of the mantras is ‘eyes up’ or ‘eyes ahead.’ You want to look where you want to go, not where you are. If you do, you’ll run into that jagged rock you are staring at, or go right into that hole that you are trying to avoid. It’s wild to experience it….you focus on it, you try so hard to not go into it, and over and over – you still do! It is frustratingly comical. So, once you choose to practice looking where you want to go, then the obstacle becomes almost a thing of the past. You are going over it or through it, but it’s really nothing.

How do I translate this lesson into daily life? Sometimes we get fixated on what we are doing so much so that we almost strangle the intention or the goal. I have found that for me, I don’t always stay in line with my goal 100%, but for the most part, I am keeping my eyes on the place I wish to be/go, so eventually (sometimes quicker than others), I get there. It may not be the way I thought it would be or as fast as I thought it should be, but I do get there, as long as I remember to keep my eyes up.

This is certainly a more forgiving path. It allows for detours and pit stops, so it’s richer and full of surprises! This strategy is not going to align with your SMART goal setting 101 practice, nor is it appropriate for all things, but for me, this is a gentler strategy for life. It keeps me out of striving or pushing, and into flowing or allowing. It reminds me that there is more to life than arriving at an end goal because ultimately, if you follow this strategy, there needs to be another goal to feel fulfilled after that one is attained…..which is an endless and exhausting search for meaning where there is none.

Where in your life could you choose to take the more scenic route? Where could you let go of the reigns and allow yourself to wander a bit…still keeping your eyes up, but letting yourself go where the trail takes you?

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