COVID-19 Guidelines

This page outlines what I am doing to make sure the space is safe — and it also gives you specific guidelines on what to bring to the session and how to time your arrival. PLEASE READ EACH PARAGRAPH AND THEN PRESS SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM!

Please make sure to stay at home if you have had any of these symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain/aches, persistent headache, sore throat, or new loss of smell or taste. I will waive any late cancellation charges due to you experiencing any of these symptoms. 

I am scheduling clients 15 minutes apart to give me time to spray the flooring and anything used in the session, and allow them to wet dry using a disinfectant approved to kill COVID-19.

I have been fully vaccinated and so have all of my clients. Based on CDC guidelines, we do not need to wear a mask together; however, if you have chosen NOT to be vaccinated, you will need to wear a mask (and I will do the same). Please let me know in advance if this is your position so that I can have my mask on when you arrive.

I have hand sanitizer on the table just as you enter — please make sure to use that upon entering and exiting. I also have a restroom, so feel free to wash your hands if you prefer. 

**Please make sure to wait in your car until your scheduled appointment time. I need that full period of time to ensure your safety and am trying to avoid any accidental overlap with other clients. 

**Please make sure to be prompt in leaving at the end of the session so that I have time to prepare the space for the next client.

**Finally, please also bring a large towel and a mat to your session.