Series Yoga Classes

These are classes where you commit to coming to a weekly class for an agreed upon period of time. The intention is to immerse yourself in the class experience, make a commitment to yourself to come each time, create a community of fellow yogis — and get a price break for it!

If you wish to participate in the series but cannot come to every session, don’t let that get in your way! I offer a $15 drop-in rate, so do the calculations to see which option works best for you.

The Wednesday 1-2pm Yoga Series are Jan/Feb, Mar/April, May/June, July/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, and the cost is $12/class X the number of Wednesdays in that 2-month period (either 8 or 9 weeks, so $96 or $108). This is non-transferable to another 2-month period, and is to be used for the Wednesday class only. It is designed this way to make a commitment to a period of time. The series rate is offered by ME only, not online at Centerline, so bring cash, check or CC to the class.

It helps me greatly to know that you’re coming, so please click HERE to sign up for the Wednesday 1-2pm class you wish to attend. You can either pay the $15 drop-in rate online when you sign up OR you can bring $15 cash to the class. If you wish to purchase the series, that is handled through me directly, so bring cash/check/CC when you attend your first class.

Click HERE to learn about my classes.