Are We A Good Fit?

Here are the kinds of clients I love to work with:

People who are ready to make a change: I like to work with clients who show up because they want to for themselves. THEY know it is time to shift. THEY know that what they have been doing is no longer working for them. THEY know that they have created a relationship with me to support them in making this change, and that I’ll be there for them every step of the way. They are engaged and present throughout the process.

Mothers or fathers who are struggling to find time for themselves in their busy lives: Whether or not we like it, we are teaching our children through our actions….and when they see us setting boundaries, saying yes to what excites us, letting go of the chronic need to please others at our own expense, we are engaging in conscious parenting. What a gift. People who work with me begin to see that self-care is the ultimate gift for themselves and their families. When they begin to remember who they are underneath the multiple roles they play in their lives, they feel fulFILLED again as they take steps to feed that part of themselves regularly.

People who have an acute or chronic injury, or physical tightness: For many we spend time learning a new movement pattern, and seeing where daily posture contributes to the ongoing problem. Often I use corrective exercises or specific yoga postures to offset muscular imbalance encouraging the body to work as a coordinated unit which results in freedom from pain or holding. Sometimes I teach simple breathing practices to help my client shift out of the fight/flight/freeze pattern to offer a new sense of being in the body with ease. For chronic issues, this is often an invitation to see beyond the physical issue at hand. We may spend time learning to be more aware of the subtle cues the body offers prior to triggering a pain cycle, or recognizing the thoughts and emotions cascading through before, during or afterwards. My clients are always invited to experience their bodies in a new way evoking physical, mental and emotional change which allows for fluidity and openness.

People with life-changing health issues: When disease (dis-ease, meaning not experiencing ease) forms, a deep perspective shifts needs to occur in the body + mind + emotions. Energy precedes matter, so when disease manifests, there have been subtle unseen cues along the way. Learning how to listen to and communicate with the body through self-care and self-awareness is a priority. This vital step leads to a new and trusting relationship with the Forgotten Self.

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