Hybrid Session

A hybrid session is where we utilize elements of movement, mindfulness and coaching, all within ONE session. Integrating these modalities is driven by the parallels I see between the body, mind and the heart. Just as inefficient movement patterns can cause discomfort or restrict you from doing certain activities, limiting thoughts, feelings or behaviors can lead to self-sabotage, anxiety or frustration.

With this blend of modalities I ask, “If your body feels tight and rigid, how are you being this way in your daily life? Do you resist change? Do you try to control other people or experiences? Are you rigid in your opinions or ways of doing things?”

As you practice experiencing flexibility and openness in the body through mindful breathing, fluid movement patterns, yoga asana, or a mindful body scan to learn to sense the existing tightness in the body, you might begin to experience a new perspective in your physical body, and are invited to carry this new learning into other aspects of your life.

With this powerful combination of movement, mindfulness and coaching, the body, mind and emotions work together to unravel behaviors that no longer serve you. The body is the perfect template in which to explore this process, and together, we will discover new tools that will shift outcomes in your physical, mental and emotional life.

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