Personal Training Privates

Fitness and strength workouts with me vary from day to day. The body is built to move in so many different ways, which is why it’s important to train in multiple planes of motion and at varying speeds. My workouts are built around cultivating fitness and strength for functional health, so if you like creativity and variety, you are with the right trainer!

If we need to begin with corrective exercise training to create stability where there is pain or discomfort, we spend a larger percentage of our workout on this while also giving you a fitness experience. Once your body is more stable and balanced, corrective movements remain within the warm up phase to support your continued attention to these areas, and we spend more time on functional fitness and strength movements to help you attain your functional health goals.

Our sessions might include some time on the Schwinn Airdyne Bike, BOSU, free weights, resistance bands/cords, stability balls, TRX, medicine balls, foam rollers (full and 1/2), balance boards, step up box, and many other fun toys.

I also provide basic functional movement evaluations for sports (i.e., watching how you run or sit on the bike), gait analysis, and of course, breath awareness which greatly influences our movement.

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