The calm within the storm

Yesterday I decided to begin the climb up Mt. Lemmon on my road bike. For those of you who are not from Tucson, this is a L-O-N-G 28 mile climb up to about 9,000 feet elevation with some brief breaks and descents, but mostly up. I was mindfully aware that given my current fitness level and brief time in Tucson, 28 miles of suffering uphill was not going to happen that day, but I had set aside one hour to climb and see how far I could get.

As I was doing my best to maintain form, breathe and get into the rhythm of climbing, I noticed how unbelievably peaceful and quiet it was around me. Yes, there was the occasional car whooshing by, but even though my heart beat was racing and my breathing was labored, there was a sense of stillness surrounding me. I observed the variety of cactus, rocks, hawks, lizards, and the amazing views of Tucson all from my bike moving slow and steady.

This awareness brought a smile to my face and an ‘ok-ness’ that whatever I was able to do that day was enough, and if anything, it was magical. I felt at peace within this challenging moment — no judgment, no comparison, no thinking or planning. This was the beautiful, and not so subtle, gift mindfulness gave me that day.

I am curious….what is the gift mindful awareness is offering you in this moment, and in this moment, and in this moment?

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