Small things matter…

As many of you know, we moved from Houston to Tucson recently and for about two months, my days have become busy with DOing more than BEing. Although I have been present within the busy-ness, I realize how unbelievably valuable the small movements I used to do on a daily basis with each of my private clients mattered to my own body and mind! At the time, I was just going with the flow, leading the practice, observing my clients, guiding and cueing within the moment — but in actuality, my own body and mind were experiencing rhythm, breath, connection with another human being, and movement in a variety of directions.

Since I have been focusing on settling into this new space, and have not yet begun working with clients in Tucson, it is in the LACK of doing the small things on a regular basis that I realize their power once again. It is a reminder to me that the smaller patterns I create in life that support me may not be as evident in that moment, but when they fall by the wayside and are replaced with other patterns that are less supportive, wow – there is the gift.

A short daily self-care routine may not necessarily make my legs more toned, but what it does do is keep me feeling connected to myself; to experience where the stickiness is today and ease through it before it becomes something greater; to notice the breath happening so that I remember I am alive and ultimately responsible for my own happiness and freedom. From this latest experience with our move, I am once again reminded of this great lesson that small things really do matter!

Mindfulness next to the train tracks

I was riding my bike home from teaching a Mindful Yoga class today, and usually I ride home almost as fast as I can to really get in some leg work and cardio. Today, as I approached the railroad tracks, the lights began to flash and I knew a train was approaching. Because I was in ‘do’ or action mode, my first response was — “Crap, now I have to stop and wait for this damn train.” However, it took a short time for me to smile at that part of me who wanted to just continue with my ‘workout’ and instead see that I was being asked to practice exactly what I had just been suggesting each of my students do in the rest of their day!

I rode my bike up close to the tracks to wait, closed my eyes and enjoyed the unbelievable power of the sounds as they passed. I’ve had to wait at the tracks before on my bike, but I never noticed the subtle or not-so-subtle changes in how each kind of rail car sounds. The ones that are double stacked are much louder and sound like they’re coming at you – so much so I had to open my eyes just to make sure they weren’t! I felt quite alive standing there with my eyes closed, feeling the wind swirl by, and hearing the rhythmic sound of the rail cars clanking over the tracks. Very different than ever before.

I hope you stumble upon many moments in your day (or maybe you already have) to pause and take in the moment more fully.