Yoga Classes, Retreats & Workshops

LOCAL YOGA CLASSES at Rooted / Centerline Movement

  1. Yoga for Bodies That Don’t Bend – Mondays 6-7pm (see below)
  2. Restorative Yoga – offered once a month on Friday evenings and Sunday late afternoons (click HERE for more info)

Details below:

Yoga For Bodies That Don’t Bend 

  • Mondays 6-7pm
  • Drop-in class $15, cash preferred

Have you wanted to try yoga but thought: “I could never do all those strange poses…I can’t even touch my toes!” We know bodies get tighter as we age, when we sit all day long, when we do a sport that keeps us in one plane of motion (cycling, running, swimming), when we get stressed out, and when we just stop moving in all the directions we were meant to move! If this sounds like you and you’d like to increase your flexibility, functional strength, and relieve stress, then try this class. Here you will have a safe space to explore your body, breath, and mind through yoga without worrying about what you can or can’t do, or how you look trying to do it. You’ll never know how good you can feel until you try. Yoga is for everyone!

All communication regarding this class is through me at 919.260.0236 or click HERE to contact me via email.

Location: Rooted (and Centerline Movement Studio) on 1600 N Tucson Blvd, Suite 100, entrance is off Lee St between Speedway and Grant on Tucson Blvd. Enter through the doors off Lee Street (South entrance) and the Education Space is on the left. There is plenty of parking in front or on the side facing Tucson Blvd. Click HERE to see the space.

How to Pay: Cash or check is preferred, but I accept credit cards or Apple Pay with a small shared processing fee. There is no front desk person for check in (only me), so if possible, please come early to pay so we can begin class on time. All communication regarding this class is through me at 919.260.0236 or click HERE to contact me via email.

What you need to bring:

  1. Payment (see above)
  2. Signed waiver – click HERE to submit one online (only for new students)
  3. Your mat (they have some, but I always recommend using your own mat

I look forward to seeing you in class!!


I enjoy creating local retreats sharing unique combinations of yoga or movement, mindfulness meditation and/or coaching. I prefer locations within two hours of Tucson, but I am open to retreats further away. I have had clients offer their private home or mountain house as our retreat site, which has made the experience more friendly and personal.

Regardless, it is important to me that these retreats be accessible to anyone. We all need to get away, step back (a.k.a. retreat), and re-connect with ourselves. Self-care shouldn’t just be a yearly extravagant vacation…in fact, the more often you can do it, the more you refill your internal tank of energy. A weekend away or even a short drive to a beautiful place can put some distance between your roles and responsibilities, and that part of you who remembers what makes you feel happy and alive.

Workshops are another way I get to share and explore the various modalities I teach in more depth with a larger group. I have offered workshops at local yoga studios, physical therapy centers, corporate settings, and in private homes.

Please contact me HERE with any retreat or workshop requests.